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Join one (or more) of the teams below to fight for racial justice in Franklin County, PA.


Are you a new to the group? Sign up for NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION:

If you are new to joining Racial Reconciliation, or have been involved but would like a refresher, sign-up to attend the next new member orientation. >> Click Here to Sign-up

Or email



The Public Awareness committee seeks to provide continuous education and opportunities to inspire the people of Franklin County to learn, grow, and move for racial justice. 


To get involved, contact: Ida Eustis



Focuses on economic impact and business commitment / engagement in equity and inclusion. We are forming a Professional POC Network as a resource for decision making bodies to find persons of color to serve on their boards, councils, etc.  We also are creating a list of businesses owned by people of color.

To get involved, contact: Craig Cordell and Marvin Worthy


Our purpose is to raise awareness and engage the public in public affairs and voter impact. Also lead advocacy efforts related to equitable and inclusive justice.

To get involved, contact

Patty Dolaway:


There are local book studies and discussion groups that are in process.  

Help in planning community Learning & Faith events.

To get involved, contact Scott Bowerman:


Help us raise funds to support the efforts of Racial Reconciliation.

To get involved, contact                       Dr. Linda Thomas-Worthy


The Civility Response Network (CRN) promotes respectful treatment of all community members. To join the CRN, please complete an application form. Please note that all candidates selected for the CRN will be required to attend training.

Questions about what CRN does and how you can contribute? Contact Marvin Worthy and Liz Mueller:


Our purpose is to transform and positively impact the educational experience of all students by increasing the number of people of color on the school board, in administrator positions, and in teacher positions. Regular meetings are held the last Monday of each month at 12pm via Zoom.


To get involved, contact:


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